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Large southward motion and clockwise rotation of Indochina throughout the Mesozoic: Paleomagnetic and detrital zircon U-Pb geochronological constraints 期刊论文
EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, 2017, 卷号: 459, 期号: 0, 页码: 264-278
Authors:  Yan, YG (Yan, Yonggang);  Huang, BC (Huang, Baochun);  Zhao, J (Zhao, Jie);  Zhang, DH (Zhang, Donghai);  Liu, XH (Liu, Xiaohui);  Charusiri, P (Charusiri, Punya);  Veeravinantanakul, A (Veeravinantanakul, Apivut);  Huang, BC
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An early bird from Gondwana: Paleomagnetism of Lower Permian lavas from northern Qiangtang (Tibet) and the geography of the Paleo-Tethys 期刊论文
EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, 2017, 卷号: 475, 期号: 0, 页码: 119-133
Authors:  Song, PP (Song, Peiping);  Ding, L (Ding, Lin);  Li, ZY (Li, Zhenyu);  Lippert, PC (Lippert, Peter C.);  Yue, YH (Yue, Yahui);  Ding, L
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India-asia Collision  Southern Tibet  Tectonic Evolution  Volcanic-rocks  Fold Test  Crustal Structure  Basin Evolution  Lhasa Terrane  Central China  Constraints  
Detrital zircon U-Pb geochronological and sedimentological study of, the Simao Basin, Yunnan: Implications for the Early Cenozoic evolution of the Red River 期刊论文
EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, 2017, 卷号: 476, 期号: 0, 页码: 22-33
Authors:  Chen, Y (Chen, Yi);  Yan, MD (Yan, Maodu);  Fang, XM (Fang, Xiaomin);  Song, CH (Song, Chunhui);  Zhang, WL (Zhang, Weilin);  Zan, JB (Zan, Jinbo);  Zhang, ZG (Zhang, Zhiguo);  Li, BS (Li, Bingshuai);  Yang, YP (Yang, Yongpeng);  Zhang, DW (Zhang, Dawen);  Yan, MD
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Paleo-tethys Ocean  Indo-china Block  Tibetan Plateau  Shear Zone  Tectonic Evolution  Ailao-shan  Yangtze-river  Sw China  Provenance Analysis  Crustal Evolution  
Complex deformation in western Tibet revealed by anisotropic tomography 期刊论文
EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, 2016, 卷号: 451, 期号: 0, 页码: 97-107
Authors:  Zhang, H (Zhang, Heng);  Zhao, JM (Zhao, Junmeng);  Zhao, DP (Zhao, Dapeng);  Yu, CQ (Yu, Chunquan);  Liu, HB (Liu, Hongbing);  Hu, ZG (Hu, Zhaoguo);  Zhang, H
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Beneath Central Tibet  India-asia Collision  P-wave  Continental Deformation  Seismic Anisotropy  Upper-mantle  Evolution  Crustal  Faults  Japan  
Displacement along the Karakoram fault, NW Himalaya, estimated from LA-ICP-MS U-Pb dating of offset geologic markers 期刊论文
EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, 2012, 卷号: 337, 期号: 0, 页码: 156-163
Authors:  Wang SF (王世锋);  Wang C (Wang, Chao);  Phillips RJ (Phillips, Richard J.);  Murphy MA (Murphy, Michael A.);  Fang XM (方小敏);  Yue YH (岳雅慧);  Wang, SF (通讯作者),Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Tibetan Plateau Res, Key Lab Continental Collis & Plateau Uplift, Beijing 100085, Peoples R China
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India-asia Collision  Southern Tibet  Structural Evolution  Metamorphic Complex  Tectonic Evolution  Southwest Tibet  Western Tibet  Slip-rate  Ladakh  Zone  
The South Tibet detachment shear zone in the Dinggye area Time constraints on extrusion models of the Himalayas 期刊论文
EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, 2010, 卷号: 292, 期号: 1-2, 页码: 1-16
Authors:  Leloup;  PH (Leloup;  P. H.);  Maheo;  G (Maheo;  G.);  Arnaud;  N (Arnaud;  N.);  Kali;  E (Kali;  E.);  Boutonnet;  E (Boutonnet;  Liu;  DY (Liu;  Dunyi);  Liu XH(刘小汉);  Li;  HB (Li Haibing);  Leloup, PH
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Co-seismic ruptures of the 12 May 2008, M-s 8.0 Wenchuan earthquake, Sichuan: East-west crustal shortening on oblique, parallel thrusts along the eastern edge of Tibet 期刊论文
EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, 2009, 卷号: 286, 期号: 3-4, 页码: 355-370
Authors:  Liu-Zeng J (刘静);  Zhang Z (张智慧);  Wen L (文力);  Tapponnier;  P (Tapponnier;  P.);  Sun J (孙杰);  Xing X (辛晓冬);  X (Xing;  X.);  Hu;  G (Hu;  G.);  Xu Q (许强);  Zeng;  L (Zeng;  L.);  Ding L (丁林);  Ji;  C (Ji;  C.);  Hudnut;  KW (Hudnut;  K. W.);  van der Woerd;  J (van der Woerd;  J.)
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Wenchuan Earthquake  Longmen Shan Thrust Belt  Tibetan Plateau  Surface Rupture  Co-seismic Slip Partitioning  Out-of-sequence Thrusting Earthquake  
Late Miocene topographic inversion in southwest Tibet based on integrated paleoelevation reconstructions and structural history 期刊论文
EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, 2009, 卷号: 282, 期号: 1-4, 页码: 1-9
Authors:  Murphy;  MA (Murphy;  Michael A.);  Saylor;  JE (Saylor;  Joel E.);  Ding L(丁林)
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Fold-thrust Belt  Isotope-based Paleoaltimetry  Karakoram Fault System  India-asia Collision  Southern Tibet  Continental Subduction  Western Nepal  Himalayan Arc  Suture Zone  Tectonic Implications  
Evidence for Early (> 44 Ma) Himalayan Crustal Thickening, Tethyan Himalaya, southeastern Tibet 期刊论文
EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, 2008, 卷号: 274, 期号: 1-2, 页码: 14-23
Authors:  Aikman;  AB (Aikman;  Amos B.);  Harrison;  TM (Harrison;  T. Mark);  Ding L(丁林)
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India-asia Collision  Fold-thrust Belt  U-pb Ages  Southern Tibet  Tectonic Evolution  Structural Evolution  Tertiary Convergence  Sedimentary History  Passive Margin  Central Nepal  
Slip rates of the Altyn Tagh, Kunlun and Karakorum faults (Tibet) from 3D mechanical modeling 期刊论文
EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, 2008, 卷号: 274, 期号: 1-2, 页码: 50-58
Authors:  He JK(何建坤);  Chery;  J (Chery;  Jean)
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San-andreas Fault  Eurasia Collision Zone  Crustal Deformation  Velocity-field  Major Faults  Central-asia  System  California  China  Earthquake